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wind to thy wings, bitchez!

Arrows of the Wentz-Related
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Who wants to read/reread the Heralds of Valdemar books by Mercedes Lackey and discuss them with other people? joyfulseeker and callsigns do! And you do too, so that when joyfulseeker writes her awesomely epic Heralds of Valdemar bandslash au, you can read it with pleasure and understanding.

STEP ONE: We can have lots of fun! (Join the community, get the books!)

STEP TWO: There's so much we can do! (Start reading Arrows of the Queen on the week of Feb. 11, plan to be halfway done by Feb. 14, because we're going to read one book a week and check in twice on each one to discuss!)

STEP THREE: It's just you and me! (Discussion posts will be on Thursdays and Mondays - Thursdays for the first half of the book, Mondays for the last half of the book. You don't have to adhere to this schedule, but be prepared for spoilers in the discussion posts/comments if you don't keep up!)

STEP FOUR: I can give you more! (We might futz with the schedule or not get through all the books - oh well! Whee!)

STEP FIVE: Don't you know that the time has arrived? (Feel free to pimp with our bad-ass banner!)


all books by MERCEDES LACKEY

Arrows of the Queen (Feb. 12-18, posts on the 14th and 18th)
Arrow's Flight (Feb. 19-25, posts on the 21st and 25th)
Arrow's Fall (Feb. 26-Mar. 3, posts on the 28th and 3rd)

Magic's Pawn (Mar. 4-10, posts on the 6th and 10th)
Magic's Promise (Mar. 11-17, posts on the 13th and 17th)
Magic's Price (Mar. 18-24, posts on the 20th and 24th)

Oathbound (Mar. 25-31, posts on the 27th and 31st)
Oathbreakers (Apr. 1-7, posts on the 3rd and 7th)
Oathblood (Apr. 8-14, posts on the 10th and 14th)

By The Sword (Apr. 15-21, posts on the 17th and 21st)

Winds of Fate (Apr. 22-28, posts on the 24th and 28th)
Winds of Change (Apr. 29-May 5, posts on the 1st and 5th)
Winds of Fury (May 6-12, posts on the 8th and 12th)

The Black Gryphon
The White Gryphon
The Silver Gryphon

Storm Warning
Storm Rising
Storm Breaking


Brightly Burning

To Catch a Thief

Exile's Honor
Exile's Valor

Sword of Ice And Other Tales of Valdemar
Sun in Glory And Other Tales of Valdemar
Crossroads And Other Tales of Valdemar
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