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May 2008

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Magic's Pawn Discussion Post

Okay! Um! It's been a while even since I reread this one. Like. A month. So.

You know, I think Vanyel has to be the most self-narrate-y protagonist I think I've ever read. He thinks about everything. I had forgotten how long it took Vanyel before he got to court, and then, from there, how long it took before he and Tylendel became a couple. There's a lot of enduring Vanyel being self-suffering and misunderstood and. really. really. teenaged. Also, I was actually left a little cold by the resolution of Tylendel and Vanyel falling in love, like, it lacked a little bit of narrative tension for me. Probably because all the narrative tension came from outside their relationship, which was blissfully happy right up until, you know, Tylendel went crazy. Also, Vanyel's habit of narrating every single moment every one of his thought processes kind of took away from the surprise.

That said, I still really enjoyed getting a look at what the herald-mage infrastructure was like, the way the apprenticeships worked, and the internal hierarchy, and the workrooms.

Okay, complete diversion, but I think that if I hadn't already thought about Ryan and his Companion Spencer, I'd totally make all of Panic at the Disco Tayledras. I'm not sure how that would echo canon, with Pete Wentz having influenced Panic into their lifepath, but Panic's exotic aesthetic totally belongs in a Hawkbrother, and their insularity. I think...Jon would be a scout. Brendon would be the adopted Hawkbrother who was cast out from his family and taken into the clan and subsequently became a Healer-Adept. He would be the life of every gathering celebration, which is why it would always be such a surprise to watch him work with the Heartstone, his face quiet and solemn, intent. Ryan and Spencer would be a mage-scout pair who had worked together since childhood.

All right! Magic's Promise next Monday!


...okay i totally just want a side fic where band dudes are Hawkbrothers.