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zhai'helleva bitches

May 2008

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joyfulseeker in companionz

Apologies and changes in plans

Guys, I deeply apologize for our unplanned and unannounced hiatus. Life and death flus have a way of getting in the way of beautiful, beautiful plans, and along those lines, I'd like to bid a fond farewell to callsigns, who is needing to take a break from being mod-ly.

I'm still committed to playing in this community, if you all are still interested in playing along with me. I'd like to switch to making a single book post every Monday, discussing the entire book, and I'm going to shorten our scope to reading the Last Herald Mage trilogy, Oathbound and Oathbreaker, By the Sword, and the Mage Winds trilogy.

Does that sound like a plan? Again, I apologize for having left you guys hanging for a whole month while I sorted things out in my head. I'll try not to let it happen again.

So! Assuming everyone is amenable to the change in plans, spend tomorrow scraping up your memories of Magic's Pawn, because I'll be talking about it on Monday (Lackey's parent issues, let me show you them).


i am still up to talking about it! i just finished the magic trilogy.

and i've got the oathbound, etc.

Sweet! Yaaaay, I shan't be left alone to contemplate Lackey's parent issues!
\o/ Finally I will be able to reread Magic's Price! I left it behind a month ago and started in on the other books, because I can't read that one when left to my own devices. Which means I only have to do Price and 3/4 of By the Sword. This is actually a good thing, because we're coming up on the last month of class and I've got a lot more reading to do. Of course, I can't remember quite what specifically happens where with Mage Winds, because I've just finished the Storm ones (literally finished last night) and I returned Mage Winds to the library because those are like the only ones I don't own and I AM SHUTTING UP NOW SRSLY.

Anyway, as the Shin'a'in saying goes, "Plans seldom survive the first engagement with the enemy." Or something like that. I've only seen it referenced like fifteen times lately. XD Shit, I haven't updated my community. And. Um. Sorry, my mother pushed Coke on me to settle my stomach and I'm not used to caffeine so now I am sick and incredibly hyper instead of just sick oh gods I cannot shut up help help help.