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May 2008

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Arrow's Fall Chapters 7-12 Discussion

Guys, I feel I must admit something now, to all of you. After Kris died, I pretty much stopped reading this book objectively. At all. So, um, my discussion of this book may be critically lacking. Luckily, that's what all of you are for, right? Right!

Anyway. Okay. AKA OMG KRIS MY HEART. I got a little tear! I admit it! But, interestingly, it wasn't that moment, nor the Talia-whomping that happened afterwards that affected me most. No, what made me all pang-y was when the trader brought Talia the arrows and she snapped one, then patterned it as Kris, and then afterwards, when Rolan brought them back and Selenay opened the package and the arrows dropped to the ground. The other moment, oddly enough, was when Rolan mindspoke to Dirk. It was just so--unprecedented. The breaking of a taboo. Like, whoa, shit, Talia must REALLY be in trouble for Rolan to do that. It made me all weepy! Which just goes to show, right, you can never get too far from your adolescent self.

I liked tying Robin back into everything. I suspect that kid gets Chosen when he's a few years older. In general, I liked the way Lackey tied threads together in this trilogy. The stories were clearly meant to fit together as a whole--take Griffin, for example, who was perfectly used and harkened back to the Gifts-training scene in the very first book. Though I did find myself wondering how that was going to work, if he could only take out one mage per battle. I'm just saying, fainting on a battlefield seems like a less than awesome endgame move.

GUYS. GUYS I REALLY WANT KRIS TO COME BACK AS A COMPANION, EVEN THOUGH THAT PART HAS ALWAYS VAGUELY CONFUSED ME. I didn't even know I liked him that much until he died! I also found myself wanting more of sane!Dirk. He really could have been a much more interesting character than he was allowed to be. If we could have seen his reunion with his family, who sounded awesome, I would have been very satisfied. However, oh mans did this book stimulate my appetite for more. I now really want to find out what happens next to these guys, which, hah, makes it funny that we're retreating to the Last Herald-Mage Trilogy next. Luckily, Vanyel makes up for it by being a) pretty, b) gay, and c) angsty as all hell.

Right! We'll be discussing the first half of Magic's Pawn (chapters 1 through 7) on Thursday. Happy reading!


I didn't remember that Kris died until I had just finished reading Arrow's Flight, and then I was all "No, I'm totally not remembering that right. I must be wrong. OH NOES, KRIS!!!" The bit with the arrows really is more emotionally effective, I think, because you know that they're in massive trouble (or, you know, dead/injured), but it's not quite until the patterns and the state of the arrows is "NO HOPE LEFT, YOU GUYS D:" that it really hits. Because before Talia actually snapped the head off her arrow, you could almost think that she had a hope that she would survive. Some of the problem with the Talia-whomping is that it's not out of place or even technically OTT, but it feels kind of OTT, and I've never really been into torture-porn. Even if it does pave the way for h/c and Dirk pulling his head out of his ass.

I love Griffin. Firestarters in general, I suspect. Why are they so appealing? It's like the Gift that's most destructive goes to these really actually quite sweet people. Some part of me does think Robin ended up getting Chosen but I can't shake the feeling that Lackey might have just never mentioned him again. I think Lackey actually wrote all three of the Arrows books together. She mentions it somewhere in the Companion. She did them all at once because CJ Cherryh told her to do it as a trilogy or something.

I think that Kris' Companion might actually be a reincarnated Herald. He's too closely named to one of the LHM Heralds. I'm always confused as to how long they go about doing this stuff. Whether it goes both ways, or whether you have to be a Herald first or . . . whatever. Eh, it's not even mentioned until the Winds books anyway I'm pretty sure. I totally feel you on Kris coming back as a Companion, though.

In addition to the pretty/gay/angsty as all hell, Vanyel is also totally relevant to large chunks of the Winds books! Like the Gryphon books are totally relevant to basically all of the Storm books. It's good we're reading him first, I think. Plus, otherwise you don't get to see the Tayledras in their earliest appearance, and I love those fuckers. I maybe already got through Magic's Promise a few days ago. But I can't read the last one without moral support at this point, or I will stop halfway through again and refuse to keep going. D: Sometimes I wish that Vanyel existed in this world so he could be the frontman of an emo goth band or something. *sigh*
I read through Promise as well, and had to stop. Just couldn't.
Price is just so damn . . . it's not even the sum of the emotional drain the first two books present. There's multiplication involved, really.

We can collectively bitch about it in a few weeks, I guess. It's easier to know that the whole group is reading that one together.
I think the best part of Kris's death is him keeping everyone away until they were able to say goodbye. Really prolonged the tragedy. But the arrows were when I really bawled. Seriously, tears streaming down my face. Oh, and the wreath of flowers at the end?! Oh my poor heart!
I don't remember crying as much on previous reads, but I guess that's just the place I'm in. The stupidest things are setting me off, and when someone dies? ooh, let the waterworks start.
The keeping everyone away D:

The flowers are so damn bittersweet.
finally caught up!

i can admit, i choked up when kris died. BUT i feel like his death served the correct purpose. i'm not one for character death, but this one served a purpose. he'd already come to terms with his uncle's treachery and had made peace with the two people he loved most in the world.

i... i thought the ending was a little weak? i mean, yay for happy endings, but i guess i was hoping for a stronger ending bit.