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May 2008

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Arrow's Fall chapters 1-6 discussion

The last book of the first trilogy, and omg dramorz! If you've read the series before, you know what's coming, but since we're just discussing the first six chapters,

MAAAAAN! I felt so much for Talia as I reread this! It was cool, because Misty really dives into the Valdemaran political arena in this book, and I almost felt as out of depth as Talia! Except as Queen's Own, she rose the occasion AS HER UNIQUE ABILITY ALLOWS HER TO DO! I think maybe Misty doesn't have a total grasp of Valdemar's geography yet, too - I know the Pelagirs are in the northwest? But later on, aren't they in the south? Oy, maybe it'll be answered later on, hah.

But no, about the lifebond, did y'all want to smack everyone's heads together? Of course you did! I had forgotten how frustrating that threesome situation was, with the non-communication between Talia and Dirk and Kris. Also, ouch, requited love that no one talks about. I couldn't help but imagine joyfulseeker's Pete/Patrick scenario, but in real life, with a lifebond - right? I mean, they can't talk about it, Patrick's cheeks flame and Pete stutters awkwardly, but they work together, aw. Aw, Patrick drinking himself to distraction because he thinks he can't have Pete, Pete sending scrolls of lyrics! Aw! *fans self*

You know what bothered me more in this book than in the previous ones? The continued mentioning of Talia getting her sexual education from Rolan's shenanigans! I mean, what? How does that even work? Is it like an overwhelming flood of emotion, or does she learn mechanics from it, or . . . eesh, I don't even know!

Urrggh, you know, I read ahead and I really want to talk about the second half of the book. But I won't! I liked the foray into Hardorn, how distinct the societies are set up, but I thought the whole mirror communication thing was a little laughable and stupidly intricate.

I don't know, what'd you guys think? *runs in circles*

joyfulseeker will be finishing the book on Monday, so this would be a great time to go out to the library/bookstore/your basement and get The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy, Magic's Pawn, Magic's Promise and Magic's Price. (I know the Tarma and Kethry books were *technically* next, but so what, let's get to Vanyel!)


I had forgotten how long they spend in Valdemar before heading to Hardorn as well. And how much I wanted to start slapping all members of the threesome. I admit, this section makes me less enamored of Dirk, which is really too bad. I think when I was younger, I empathized with him more, but now I want to yell at him that he's not a fifteen year old girl. Learn to communicate, damn it!